Alumni Relations Chair

The Alumni Relations Chair will maintain the PWA LinkedIn page, to establish a community that continually connects current students with alumni. She also organizes events to foster alumni engagement.

Meara Algama

Meara Algama is a second-year graduate student at the Price School of Public Policy at USC, where she is pursuing a Masters in Public Policy. She has an interest in environmental and behavioral economics, with an underlying focus on social justice issues. She has a specific interest in research based advocacy related to the impact of climate change on islands and emerging economies — and hopes to use her acumen and passion for evidence based research practices to inform equitable environmental policies. Meara grew up in Sri Lanka where she was involved in advocacy efforts to counter human rights violations against ethnic minorities during the civil war (’89 – ’09). She also led reconciliation efforts with Sri Lanka Unites, a youth movement for reconciliation; where she traveled around the island to promote mutual understanding and peace efforts among school children. Meara graduated from Mount Holyoke College, MA in 2015 with a B.A in Economics (and a love for sociology). Upon graduation, she worked at a Global strategy consultancy firm as a business analyst, where she advised private equity firms and corporations on growth strategies. She intends to pursue a PhD in Economics within a few years. When Meara is not rock climbing, she can be found jogging, cycling, doing the sun salutation or pondering the meandering existence of life.


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