Bad Feminist, by Roxane Gay

Bad Feminist

On August 5th Roxane Gay’s newest work was released, a collection of essays entitled, “Bad Feminist.”  The professor, novelist, blogger, and avid tweeter writes candidly about what it means to be a feminist and woman in today’s society.  News surrounding “Bad Feminist” and Gay’s straightforward conversations has provided honest, uplifting and thought provoking dialogue about the contradictions and challenges of the feminist label.  We wanted to share a few links to reviews and interviews that we found particularly interesting including an interview with Mother Jones as well as the Guardian.

This excerpt from a review by Katy Waldman of Slate Magazine resonates particularly well:

“The “bad feminist” moniker turns out to have a special magic—it allows Gay to resist the pressure to be perfect, and points out the irony of women fighting the sexist idea that they must be other than what they are (more beautiful, more agreeable, more maternal or professional or fill-in-the-blank), yet still demanding flawlessness from their feminist idols. Heaven help the young actress who tweets the wrong thing about Woody Allen, or the corporate executive with socioeconomic blind spots. Feminism’s rules, Gay observes, are different from the patriarchy’s, but they can be equally strict and screw-up-able.”


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