March 29, 2019

Next week, the University of Southern California will launch an Association of American Universities (AAU) Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct.  This survey is an important tool for the university to assess its current programs to encourage a healthy, safe, and nondiscriminatory environment at USC and to shape future policies.  It is also a chance for you as a student to express your thoughts observations, experiences, etc on USC’s climate on sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

You will receive an email from “2019campusclimatesurvey@westat.com” on April 2, 2019 to invite you to participate in the survey and provide you with a unique URL to access your survey.  Please check your spam and/or other related folders if you do not receive an invitation. This email account is external to USC and hosted by Westat, a social science research firm with whom we partnered to administer the survey. Westat will not use your email address for any other purposes and will treat your survey responses as confidential.

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary!

SCAPF 2019 – Immigration Proclamation: Belonging Beyond Borders
Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 10am-5:30pm

Please join us for the Sixth Annual Students of Color and Allies Policy Forum on Saturday, April 6th at the California African American Museum. The theme of this year’s forum is Immigration Proclamation: Belonging Beyond Borders. Join students, faculty, community members, and grassroots activists for a day of immigration-focused discussions and workshops.

Our plenary panel, moderated by Victor Sanchez (Project Director at the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy) will feature Manuel Pastor (USC Distinguished Professor of Sociology and American Studies & Ethnicity), Cynthia Buiza (Executive Director of the California Immigrant Policy Center), and Victor Narro (Project Director for the UCLA Downtown Labor Center). Workshops include “Undocumented and Unafraid,” facilitated by Adrian Reyna of United We Dream and “Racialization of Immigration,” facilitated by Zakaria Mohamed of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

Admission is free, and the event includes meals. Register here to reserve your place: http://bit.ly/SCAPF2019.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/589623644782738/



Where are women in governments around the world? How much power do they hold, and how did they get there? Join CPD and leading gender parity advocate Gwen K. Young of the Wilson Center for a special talk on April 17 to learn about a groundbreaking index that analyzes women leaders’ trajectories with the goal of increasing parity worldwide.

RSVP here.

March 21, 2019

J2 Flyer

Journey to Teach Abroad is a 1 week (40 hours) teacher training TEFL certification course here in Los Angeles that guarantees a teaching job abroad.  Check out their website: www.j2teachabroad.com.  If you have any questions- don’t hesitate to text/call their founder Adam at 818 389 5884 | adam@j2teachabroad.com.

February 8, 2019


SCARS UNSEEN is a documentary series about the triumph of the human spirit, following six men and women who have overcome domestic violence.  Scars Unseen aims to illuminate the power of healing, de-stigmatize victimhood, and encourage open communication about the causes, treatment, and prevention of domestic abuse. In each episode of this six-part series, one of our subjects recounts their experience involving domestic violence, focusing on what it took for them to overcome and focus their life on activism and advocacy. Whether they were formerly abused or if they formerly abused another person, we seek who or what allowed them to see a better life for themselves. In addition, we will include interviews with subject professionals: medical, psychological, legal, and social professionals.  For more information, check out SheTV Media here!

January 29, 2019

Mental Health in API Communities Event (APIC sponsored event)

  • What: A moderated panel discussion with mental health professionals and community advocates about mental health in Asian Pacific Islander communities
  • When: Tuesday, January 29, 2019, from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Where: TCC 450 (“The Forum”)
  • Cost: Free
  • Lunch: Yes, a free lunch will be provided (with a vegetarian option).
  • Audiences: This event is open to all USC students, faculty, and staff.
  • Link:  https://www.facebook.com/events/315443482645491/
  • Flyer: Please see the attached flyer for more details.  

mental health event apic

January 2019!

Welcome back Trojan family, and congratulations to those of you who are entering your final semester and are expected to graduate in May! Spring often marks new and exciting beginnings, and this semester is anything short of an exalting start. PWA is especially heartened to outset this new year with the 116th congress being one of the most diverse and inclusive classes in our nation’s history, showing what can be achieved when women and allies come together.

On January 3rd, the country watched on as 126 women were sworn into office; Sharice Davids and Debra Haaland became the first two Native American women elected to Congress, with Davids being the first openly LGBTQ person elected to Congress from Kansas; Marsha Blackburn became the first woman elected as senator from Tennessee; Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia became the first two Latinas elected to Congress from Texas; Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib became the first ever Muslim American women elected to Congress; in Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema became the first woman elected senator and the first openly bisexual person elected to the Senate; Jahana Hayes became the first black Democratic woman elected to Congress from Connecticut; in Massachusetts, Ayanna Pressley became the first black woman elected to Congress; and finally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won the primary in her district against an established Democratic incumbent, became the youngest woman to be elected to office at the age of 29. This is to name a few of many ceilings shattered.

We know these feats only mark the beginning of a changing tide, as there is more work to be done before we see a government that is truly representative of our country’s deep richness and diversity, but it is still important to celebrate wins when we have them–no matter how big or small. So, join us in our feelings of triumph, joy, and healing, and let it energize and restore you through this next semester and for the work that lies ahead.

In solidarity,

Price Women & Allies

November 11, 2018

Upcoming Events on Campus:

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – Presentations and a Panel Discussion about Gender-Based Violence and Discrimination (Co-sponsored by PWA).

Thursday, November 15th – 6:30pm – 8:30pm (TCC 450 “The Forum”)

Presentation about Title IX, Presentation about Intimate Partner Violence and a Panel Discussion.

Speakers include:

  • Kegan Allee-Moawad (USC Office of Equity & Diversity Assistant Director)
  • Brenda Ingram (USC Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services Director)
  • Dr. LaVonna Lewis (USC Professor & Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives)
  • Sam Levra (USC graduate student, Price Women & Allies member & sexual assault survivor advocate)
  • Joelle Montier (USC graduate student & sexual assault survivor advocate)
  • Esther Nguyen (USC graduate student & Price Women & Allies officer)

October 30, 2018


Join us for PWA’s Annual Career Panel to discuss challenges and opportunities faced by women in professional settings on November 7th @ 12pm.  Lunch will be provided.
Current panelists include:
  • Cara Esposito, Executive Director of Leonetti/O’Connell Family Foundation
  • Wendy Killian, Managing Director of Organizational and Leadership Development at Advancement Project
  • Erin Wolfson, Public Policy Vice President at Junior League of Los Angeles

Facebook RSVP coming soon!

October 22, 2018


PWA is pleased to announce an exciting event for the upcoming midterm elections.  We are hosting a California Ballot Propositions Education Seminar on Tuesday, October 30th from 6pm-8pm.  Voting is crucial and allows all citizens to have a voice in the laws and within the country that governs us.  We encourage you to get informed and to actively participate in your government by voting in the Nov. 6th General Election.  Join us for a educational discussion on the 2018 ballot propositions with Jeff Kiernan.  As always, direct any questions to uscpricewomen@gmail.com.  See you there!  #vote


Last day to participate in The Women in Mathematics and Public Policy is November 18th. The Women in Math and Public Policy workshop is designed to bring together women in mathematics, science, engineering, and policy to work on pressing research topics in the fields of cybersecurity and climate change.  This takes place in Los Angeles on January 22-25, 2019.  More details are here!  WPOL2019

Statement on behalf of Price Women & Allies:

October 5, 2018

To the Price Community, Students, Faculty, and Staff:

First and foremost, we want to thank the students, alumni, organizations, faculty, staff, administration and allies who have come forward and shown their support.

On Thursday, September 27th, Price Women & Allies (PWA) announced our event, Coffee & Title IX, which is intended as an educational experience for students, and a space to discuss the complexities of the federal law. In our original message, we made the conscious choice to acknowledge the current national political and social climate regarding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court Justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. As students of public policy, and as a women-led organization, we felt that it was pertinent to connect the value and relevance of our event to real-world issues. However, shortly after the announcement was shared to the school listserv, a current USC faculty member chose to publicly respond to the thread with comments asserting that “accusers sometimes lie.” Along with many of you, the impact of this statement resonated with us in ways that we can only begin to describe.

The continued provocations by this individual quickly unfolded, igniting and mobilizing members of our community with a ferocity that has been to say the least heartening. PWA has been carefully observing and discussing internally, and we want to affirm that our silence until this point is not meant to indicate tepid feelings or complicitness to the harmful culture that has allowed for the intimidation of students. It is because our foremost concern has been, and will continue to be, the well-being of our community members, especially survivors. We want to assure that any actions taken by our board does not cause further injury to those individuals. We remain steadfast in our position that Coffee & Title IX addresses a deeply sensitive and important issue on college campuses that deserves a platform to be discussed and better understood. We refuse to let this vision be derailed by anyone, and hope that our supporters and allies join us in using the garnered attention to focus on what truly matters: the stories of survivors and working collectively to make USC a safer and more equitable space for all.

PWA has been working swiftly to respond and address the situation, including securing a meeting with the Dean of Sol Price School of Public Policy, Jack H. Knott; Executive Director of the Office of the Dean, Donnajean Ward; and Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, Dr. Lavonna Lewis. In keeping with our survivor-centered approach, we utilized this opportunity to share tangible and actionable steps to ensure the success of our event, as well as, ways in which the school can show its continued support beyond our event. In assistance with our efforts, Dean Knott and his administration have provided us with additional funding for food and beverages, resources to enable live-streaming, as well as providing an overflow room for students, faculty and staff.  The Dean has also asked for the Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs, Michael Nichol, to be in attendance in his absence.  As a step towards “taking visible action that moves us forward,” we also secured a promise from Dean Knott and Dr. Lewis to work collaboratively on a future project that will continue to address and hopefully help to dismantle and reform the systems and structures that have long kept students feeling disempowered.

Above all else, our highest priority is to foster a safe environment for all attendees to peaceably learn and openly engage in a constructive dialogue. Given the difficult nature of the topic, as an added accommodation for those who may feel triggered or overwhelmed during the event, PWA will provide an additional room that will be used for emotional and mental debriefing. We will have a counselor present to provide guidance and support in that capacity. Maddy Moore, our guest speaker from Know Your IX (KYIX), has created an agenda comprising of: an educational overview of Title IX, an interactive activity with the audience to review the topics covered, and a structured Q&A section to help clarify things that may still be unclear and to give us all an opportunity to discuss strategies for improving conditions at our own university.

Price Women & Allies understands that the incidences that have occurred since the release of our event have not been easy. Given the context of the society and realities of the world in which we live, the task of fighting for a just existence for women and survivors feels more onerous than ever. It is not uncommon in the face of this kind of adversity, that we may feel frustrated, angry, and perhaps defeated. Though it is not our place to tell anyone how to process those emotions, we do want to say one thing: the hurt some of you may be experiencing is valid and we encourage you to feel that pain without reservation or shame, but know that it does not have to be in vain. Moving forward, our organization plans to use this moment as an opportunity to create real change and we invite and encourage you to join us. Together we can leverage the powers at our disposal such as voting, advocacy, organizing, and coalition-building to improve our communities. It is through our collective voices that we are able to drown out those who contend that our pain is not real, that our concerns are unreasonable, and that our efforts will not make a difference. Leaning on the wisdom of others, we leave you with this sentiment:

“It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.”

– Madeleine Albright

We humbly concede that the strides and momentum that we have achieved are made possible by the unwavering allyship of our Price family. We cannot express our gratitude enough, and hope that this only marks the beginning of the legacy that we as a community leave behind for future Trojans. Fight On!

In solidarity,

Price Women & Allies

If you are struggling to cope with or process the contents of this message, or any of its related events, please do not hesitate to reach out to of the following resources:

Student Health Counseling: 1 (213) 740-7711

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Services: 1 (213) 740-4900

Office of Equity and Diversity | Title IX: 1 (213) 740-5086

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1 (800) 646-HOPE


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