Welcome to an exciting year of PWA! Our Board is energized to produce a great year of programming, discussion and community-building amongst women leaders here at USC Price. We’re already off to a great start and have much more to look forward to.

Stay tuned for event notifications, and information about how to get more involved. On our Facebook page, you can find articles about women we especially admire, hilariously frustrating tidbits about the obstacles women still face in the workforce, and pictures from our events. Our LinkedIn group is specifically designed for PWA members and allies at Price. In this forum, we’re networking current and old members, and highlighting alumni still working in the policy field.

We’re also focused on building a great calendar of events for current and former students. As issues like equal pay, parental leave, access to birth control, and women’s health dominate headlines, we’re relieved more politicians are courting the female vote. This semester we’re also hosting discussions and social events with other student organizations, among other gatherings. Keep an eye out for our emails and Facebook announcements for more details!

Have an idea about how to make this year’s PWA organization even stronger? We’d love to hear it! You can always email us at uscpricewomen@gmail.com.

Thanks for your interest in promoting women as policy makers.


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