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Krawcheck: it’s logical to think that the global reshuffling precipitated by the crisis would have caused the industry “that’s been white, male, and middle-age” to reconsider the demographics of its leadership. Instead it became whiter, maler, and middle-age-er.

“This goes through my mind so often! They are so many articles on how the world is changing, but industries with so much influence (and money and power) are predominantly run by white males. What can we do to move the needle?” -Lena 

Summary of the article:

  • April 2019, a hearing before the Housing Financial Services Committee questioned the CEOs of seven of the largest U.S. banks.
  •  Rep. Al Green (D‑Texas) made a strong point highlighting the under-representation of minorities in positions of power by one powerful request to the CEOs.
    • Green: “If you believe that your likely successor will be a woman or a person of color, would you kindly extend a hand into the air”
    • All seven male CEOs of the largest U.S banks raised their hand
  • The International Monetary Fund found that institutions with larger shares of women directors had higher capital buffers, a lower proportion of nonperforming loans, and greater resistance to stress. 
    • Yet women are deemed not ready to take on the top positions

Problems with Systemic Under-Representation:

  • The ability for women to progress further up in an institutions hierarchy decreases exponentially when compared to the advantages available to men in their progress. How?
    • Mentorship: “because the more senior the mentor, the faster the mentee’s career advancement.” Women are more likely to cultivate networks comprised of mainly women or even split between men and women, whereas males form networks with mostly male groups. The implications of this is women have a tendency to form relationships with mentors with too little organizational clout, meaning they’re less able to sponsor or go to bat for women aiming for the next level.
    • Assumptions: if you have a strong woman and you have a strong guy—two people up for that next job—unless you have someone pushing for the female candidate, they’ll say, ‘She can wait another year,’ ” says the former managing director. A woman is perceived to be more loyal to the firm, she says, meaning there’s less incentive to ensure she’s satisfied. 

So, Michael Corbat (Citigroup). Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase). James Gorman (Morgan Stanley). Brian Moynihan (Bank of America). Ronald O’Hanley (State Street Corp. ). Charles Scharf (New York Mellon). David Solomon (Goldman Sachs).  Who’s going to raise his hand first?

Claire Zillman

SB-24: College Student Right to Access Act

The Motherhood Penalty

“This is a blog about how motherhood affects women in TV Production through the Producer’s Guild of America. It brings up the important point that mothers in production can be treated like outliers and hopefully with more awareness things are changing. I found this blog insightful, interesting and thought-provoking.” -Lena Bhise

Employers also need to recognize the many skills a working mother develops that are valuable for the production world, such as emotional intelligence, organization, negotiation and time management

Michelle Budnick

Girl Gang Kick-Off

Join us for the PWA Girl Gang Kick-Off! This will be an informal community chat with Price Women and Allies. This is an opportunity for us to connect as women and discuss what’s on our minds, from classes, to professors, to career-related issues, to relationships. We envision this as an opportunity to connect with other likeminded women on campus, who you wouldn’t necessarily interact with otherwise. Come and bring your friends!!
Snacks and drinks will be served.

Library Crawl

Wondering where the best places to study are on campus? Join PWA for our annual library crawl! Enjoy free breakfast while learning about all of the resources available to you from a USC Librarian. After the presentation PWA members will take you on a walking tour of the USC Libraries and show you their favorite places to study. We will meet September 11, 2019 from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Meet up at the Multi-Media Room (B40E) in Von KleinSmid Center. Please RSVP here!

Thirsty Thursday

To celebrate the start of a fresh academic year, we invite you to our first Thirsty Thursday Social on September 5th from 5pm to 7pm at the Lab Gastropub. Let’s mingle over some delicious snacks and you can also learn more about Price Women and Allies and our upcoming events.

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